Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Doughnuts....

Doughnuts #2 
Tower of Willpower
24x10, Oil/Canvas Panel

Doughnuts #3
15x30. Oil/Canvas

This small series has been a great way to clear my head, be playful and work on technique. There is a lot of paint on these applied in quick and generous strokes. This may conclude the Doughnut series, but  there may be a few more sweet treats up my sleeve...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Plein Air .....

 Shaded Bougainvillea
8x8, Oil/Canvas Panel

Markham Park
8x8, Oil/Canvas Panel

Last week I had the pleasure of painting outdoors with Eden Compton again... We met on a beautiful sunny morning in the Las Olas area of Fort Lauderdale where I did Shaded Bougainvillea. The next morning, overcast, we went to Markham Park where the sun, dancing in and out, kept both of us chasing the light. Even with the mixed weather it was great to be out with such a good painting partner as Eden...