Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Captain Jack's Wharf 2009...

A trip to Provincetown would be incomplete without a painting of Captain Jack's... so I did it again. This 7x9.5 version was painted when the sky was starting to pick up some pink hues from the approaching sunset. The shiny low tide made for some nice muted reflections. The Marsha Savage pastel collection I brought worked nicely for this last painting on our last day on the Cape.

The first time I saw Captain Jack's was twenty-five years ago. Since this was before the self-isolation days of the iPod, you were carried along the dock by music played from an LP. The speakers were set up discretely among all sorts of groovyness. We didn't stay there, but I do remember the music being the type that would make any pirate want to come to shore with roses for his mate.

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Dr. John Bittinger Klomp said...

Hi Greg - I was pleased to see your comment on my http://pastelseacloudraw.blogspot.com/>pastel journal, and I thought I'd go to your journal and take a look. I especially enjoyed the pastels from Cape Cod as my mother was from Plymouth, Mass, and I spent much time on the cape as a youngster.