Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wet Paint, Plein Air...

The Source 8x10 Oil/Canvas Panel

Be Seated 6x8 Oil/Canvas Panel

Clockwise, I got an early start painting Saturday Morning, but as we know, the sun waits for no man, nor bows to the idea of "Daylight Savings Time".. ending or beginning. I was there right on time to catch the shadows of this hedge behind the fire hydrant and the glow of the sunlight as it hit the group of palms, in The Source. I stayed with it a little longer than I meant to... lingering, yet again. Since it was still early and such a beautiful day to be out painting, I chose to do another painting. An Autumnal wedding celebration was being set up right beside me, with lushly colored fabrics and dark table cloths. This time I simply turned the easel to face the tables, found my composition and set the timer for 6o minutes to do Be Seated. Setting a definite time limit along with my focus totally recharged me... the intense scrutiny and intent to put in on and leave it alone. I am Okay with both of the outcomes, the steady and the quick, but I look forward to finding something in the middle next time.


Gina Brown said...

Love your work, Greg! Thanks for your encouragement. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Greg Little said...

Thanks, Gina! I still think about your Coosa River painting from the Gadsden Paint Out and how beautiful your light was... keep up the good work!