Saturday, January 2, 2010

Morning Cat Ketch

8x6 Oil/Linen

Painting at Cooley's Landing this morning, the backlighting on this sailboat caught my attention immediately. Being a sure footed Capricorn I have an admitted lack of knowledge when it comes to boats and boating terminology. I just knew that there was something very appealing and special about this boat with its strong masts and seasoned sails.... besides, I liked the way the light was hitting it.

Midway through the painting, I was surprised when the equally seasoned 24 year resident & Captain of the boat appeared on deck. When he looked at my painting, he offered that many sailors might look at my painting and think I had painted the boat inaccurately, due to the fact that the forward mast was so close to the front. He then pointed out that I had painted his rig correctly and it is an older style of sailboat known as a Cat Ketch... a boat known for its gentle ways and once favored by watermen before the age of power. I still have a lot to learn about boats and pretty much everything... amazing though, the things you learn while painting outdoors. Did you know that Greyhounds can't swim?... well, I am sure there are exceptions.


Candy Barr said...

Nice portrait of the boat with all the extraneous lines as well.
Good eye!

Greg Little said...

Thanks, Candy!