Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce
36x36 Oil/Canvas

This is one of the larger and more ambitious paintings I have attempted in quite a while... there was a time when 4'x5' was a standard size for me. Then, one day, the realization that sometimes big is just big for the sake of being big, made me take a look and start working on my process in ernest, yet on a smaller scale. There were places I wanted my painting to go. Now, after several years of working things out on what became an increasingly smaller scale, I feel it is time to apply those lessons learned on a larger scale once again.... maybe not 4'x5' right away, there is still plenty to work out... but it is a possibility.

'If you can't paint, paint big" - David Lefell


Chuck Law said...

This is my favorite painting I've seen you do Greg. All the elements work and the narrative is great. Also like that quote by Leffel. We're following somewhat similar paths, I used to paint big too, it was always ego gratifying if nothing else.

Greg Little said...

Thanks, Chuck... I appreciate hearing that!