Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Southeastern Paint Out 2010, Day Two

Spring's Brilliance
10x8, Oil/Linen Panel

Noccalula Morning
8x8, Oil/Linen Panel

Noccalula Sunrise
10x8, Oil/Linen Panel

My second day of painting at The Southeastern Plein Air Festival began at sunrise at Noccalula Falls. I got there just in time to slam up the easel and start painting as the sun peaked through these trees on top of Lookout Mountain. A generous use of Indian Yellow gave my view of the happening a very golden glow... may have gotten a little carried away...

Noccalula Morning was painted right at the edge on the side of the falls less viewed. The morning sun was illuminating a particularly strong and loud flow of water while keeping the overall background falls in shadow. I found the contrast of the cool shadowed falling water behind the warmly lit water very interesting in its limited palette.

Feeling the need to do another painting on such a beautiful day, I went into the Pioneer Village and found myself on top of some large boulders looking at the white Azalea and pink Rhododendron in Spring's Brilliance. I used bold and loose brushwork and layers of paint to find the forms in the dappled light of the flowers tucked into the rocks... it was interesting to watch the painting evolve out of not much structure.


Eden Compton said...

Wow Greg! Love all these -- looks like a very successful paint out! I particularly like the way you captured the rushing water in the second one.

Greg Little said...

Thanks, Eden! It was a great change of scenery. I am always energized by just how beautiful it is there.