Sunday, June 20, 2010

Interior With Landscape

10x8, Oil/Linen Panel

Unapologetically, I admit my paintings are usually of a high chroma nature ... just how I see it, folks. Once in a while though, I try to shoot for a little subtly to bring it down a notch... as in Interior With Landscape. For harmony, I was looking to warm up the cool blueness of the front room's shadowed areas while keeping the intensity of the morning light in the room beyond with its reflections in the floor and glass table top. The painting on the wall, fortunately, holds its own with its vivid presence.


Charlie said...

Well, you certainly accomplished what you set out to do with this painting. You captured that etherial magic that only morning can create in your home with it's brilliantly blatant compare and contrast style. The painting feels like no other portion of the day, somehow you just know that it's morning. The room beyond is alive and warm with the early light, announcing that the day has begun! By contrast the dinning room still clings to the dreamy, cool vestiges of the night. The vividness of the painting on the wall lends the feeling one gets when entering an elegant, old church lit only by the light pouring in through the stained glass windows. Accordingly, there is still a sense of peace remaining in this room and yet again by contrast, there is also the sense of breathless anticiaption. The morning light has already crossed the threshold and I'm sure the smell of freshly brewed coffee scents the air. What memories await creation within these two rooms on this new day?! Bravo Mr. Little! You captured the moment with your unerring artistic skill and unquestionable tenderness.

Greg Little said...

Your eloquence honors this small painting.. Thanks!

Charlie said...

Thank you for such a lovely compliment Greg, it is very much appreciated. Yes, the painting may be small, but remember, you can see your entire world in a single drop of dew on a rose petal.