Monday, September 20, 2010

Painting The Dunes, Provincetown....

Low Tide, The Moors
8x8, Oil/Linen Panel

Beech Forest Dunes
10x8, Oil/Linen Panel

Dune Shack, The Provincelands
7x8, Oil/Linen Panel

I am just back from our annual trip to Cape Cod... as always it was wonderful and inspiring. For this trip I used the "Guerrilla Painter" Pochade that I recently received as a prize. It is the 6x8 Pochade, and it proved itself to be a perfect traveling companion and capable work horse.


Eden Compton said...

Love all of these Greg! I was looking at the top photo and thinking "when did he get a guerilla box?" and then I saw your last paragraph! Looks like a good size to travel with.

Greg Little said...

Thanks, Eden! Yes, the Pochade was my Judges Recognition prize at The Deering Estate Plein Air this past Summer... It's little but a trooper!