Monday, August 25, 2008

Morikami Gardens

    This oil/canvas, 11x14 is another blast from the past, 2005, that I am posting while still on the mend . I have a new appreciation for how El Greco , Cezanne and some of the Cubists must have viewed the world... I've done a little in the studio with conte' playing around with shadow and form... may just start pushing some paint around tomorrow!
     The Morikami is a museum and garden that celebrates a Japanese farming colony that was here 100 years ago... it is worth a visit. I have included a link to their site here on my link list.
      This was painted on a hot and bright Summer day. Getting the questionable color of the lake next to the grove of bamboo seemed the perfect time and place to acknowledge the Wabi-Sabi that exists all around us.  

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Chuck Law said...

Hi Greg
I had a chance to visit the Morikami Gardens last year. A special place well worth the visit. The gardens were quite lovely and so is your brings back good memories.
Well done!