Sunday, August 17, 2008

Provincetown Morning

     I did this oil/Raymar Board, 11x14 a few years ago standing on a hilly street in Provincetown. It was an early morning start so I was able to get that clear sideways sunlight hitting the houses and casting long shadows. It was a great morning followed with breakfast at Cafe Heaven.
     I guess I am posting this one today since we had to cancel the Cape Cod vacation this year due to the detached retina surgery I had. It is a fascinating process... yes, I was aware of everything.... trust me, everything! I felt no discomfort but could see each step of the way. Part of the procedure is putting a gas bubble in the eye to hold the retina in place. I can't change altitudes until the bubble has disintegrated and the pressure returns to normal. It is also a lengthy recovery time of doing absolutely nothing... except learning the true meaning of patience. I hope to try painting later next week and get some new work posted.
     I'm not sure exactly what it is the Universe thinks I need to be seeing differently with all this, but I guarantee I will be paying attention!!

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