Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lucky Hats

   I normally don't do specific paintings for specific shows... I find it can be distracting... but when one of our local art groups decided to do a Pop Art show for its members, I thought it would be a good chance to step outside of myself and see what could happen.
  Lucky Hats, a 40x16, oil/canvas, is a nod to the style of one of my favorite painters, Wayne Thiebaud... whose early works of commercial items of mass culture, including his paintings of cakes and pies, are associated with the Pop movement. I kept in mind Thiebaud's use of strong and definite shadows, bold color and loaded brushstrokes, while making sure my own interest in reflected light played true. It may not be apparent in the photo here, but there are a few edges that have a touch of the glow I am after in some of my recent paintings, as well. Maybe I didn't step completely outside of myself with Lucky Hats, but far enough for a learning experience. I am pretty sure there are no soup cans in my near future, but cowboys hats... heck yeah!


r garriott said...

Hi Greg,
Great painting! Yep, you've captured some essence of Thiebaud-- he's one of my favorites, too.
Very fun idea and nicely realized!

Thanks for your nice comment on the universe this morning. Much appreciated!

Eden Compton said...

This is great Greg! And very Thiebaud. It must be very impressive in person - hope I get to see it sometime.

Greg Little said...

Thank You both for your comments!