Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shadow Dancing


With this 6.5x15.5, oil/linen panel, I chose to revisit the subject matter of a previous painting, but in a different format with a few changes. I have also changed my palette a bit since the earlier painting and this version reflects some of those additions/substitutions. The "new" colors I am using include Prussian Blue, Cadmium Red Light, Quinacridone Red, Terra Rosa (all Gamblin), and Winsor Newton's Green Gold. The Green Gold has been an interesting color to use, especially when mixed with a little Cad Red Light.  Here, this mixture is in the shadowed palm fronds and was used as an underpainting in the foreground.( There is no Terra Rosa in this painting, I use it mainly when working on flesh tones.) I am also finding variations of this mixture useful in flesh tones... it seems to give a radiance I felt was missing before. Oh yeah, sorry about the title of this one.. it's a little quirky even for my standards.

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