Thursday, May 12, 2011

South Eastern Plein Air Invitational, Day Two...

Yellow Meadow
16x16, Oil/Linen Panel

Little Wills Barn
12x12, Pastel/Wallis Paper
Private Collection

Little Wills Sunrise

The location for day two is one of my favorite ares of the region. Some call it the Old Chattanooga Highway, but it is known as Little Wills Valley Road. There are old dairy farms on the winding, hilly road and many vistas facing Lookout Mountain.

On this day the sunrise presented itself for about two minutes before the clouds covered it up... just long enough for me to quickly block in the light in Little Wills Sunrise. I then developed the rest of the painting with no concerns about the changing light.. the beauty of an overcast morning.

The poppies growing "volunteer" in the field by this old barn caught my eye in Little Wills Barn. The patina of the rusted tin roof was glowing on this Spring day.

Yellow Meadow, my third painting of the day, was an exercise in loosening up as the day was ending...

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