Monday, May 16, 2011

South Eastern Plein Air Invitational, Day Five..

Turrentine Ave. Roundabout
8x16, Oil/Linen Panel

The final day of painting this year was in the historic neighborhood district. There are several roundabouts located throughout this lovely neighborhood with its old southern homes and charm. Once I saw the early morning sun lighting up this roundabout with the rhythm of the cast shadows wandering up the street, I knew I had found my spot.... the gigantic Aborvitae that lent me its generous shade also acted as a sundial letting me know my painting was finished at high noon.


Jill Berry said...

Enjoyed reading your take on the events surrounding these great paintings and the eventful week.

As I was out painting yesterday, a fellow painter asked me about mixing shadow colors... and I found myself describing this painting. You made shadows memorable.

Greg Little said...

Thanks for your comment and for stopping by, Jill... it was a pleasure meeting you in Gadsden!