Friday, May 29, 2009

No Wake Zone


    The rains have set in here in South Florida, so I have been working in the studio lately. No Wake Zone, 24x24, oil/canvas is the result of my efforts. I painted it while holding on to the  Italian phrase " il dolce far niente " or, " the sweetness of doing nothing "...  time well spent, in my opinion.

  The photo I took one afternoon last Summer, provided the info I needed to work on the glowing effects of the sun as it reflected on the water and backlit the idle guys. I used a limited palette and enjoyed the challenge of  finding and combining the neutrals with the "glow" in what I hope is a harmonious manner.



Del Ponte said...

GREAT PAINTING !!! a really nice feeling of light...

Eden Compton said...

WOW Greg! Your figurative work has really gone to another level. This is so well done: subject matter, technique, color, everything. I have one small observation/ question. The top left hand side of the painting is reading as a solid bright block of light which, at least in the smaller jpeg, makes my eye travel away from the beautiful backlighting on the front figure and the piling to focus on that area. It wasn't as noticeable in the larger version (when you click on it). May be a photography issue. Anyway, it is beautiful!! Congratulations!

Greg Little said...

Thanks, Richard!

Thank You also Eden... my "Bierstadt" piling does come across brighter in the jpeg! I went back to look at the original and it is a more subtle read that connects with the background light and leads you down the piling to the front figure. Thanks for your good eye, you have kept me from losing my focus more than once!!