Monday, May 11, 2009

Southeastern Paint Out, Day Two

Vineyard Gold

The second day of painting was held at Wills Creek Vineyard, where they make Muscadine Wine. It is located in the beautiful valley of Duck Springs.. unless you are a local who is holding on to your proud Southern heritage, then it is in Duck Sprangs... my preferred pronunciation, by the way.

I arrived at the vineyard shortly after sunrise, with the first light taking a glowing chunk out of the mountain and casting long shadows across a pasture. My first painting was a pastel, 8x16 of that pasture with its shadows and a stand of trees in the distance. Since I don't have a photo of Duck Springs Sentinels, I will tell you,... it was outstanding!

My second painting of the day is Vineyard Gold, 12x20, oil/canvas panel. It is still early for the Muscadine Vines, so their leaves were just beginning to pop out. Standing on a rise to the side of the vineyard, I could see a field of glowing yellow wild flowers through another stand of trees. This photo was taken on site while still on my Take-it-Easel, the clip is showing at the top. This is a wonderful easel for working in the field since it is virtually topple proof, even with my umbrella attached. It is a remake of the Glouster Easel and will accommodate a large canvas.

It was a great day painting in the open valley. Even after consuming six bottles of water, I still felt dehydrated by the intense sun. Stopping at the gas station on the Chattanooga Highway that I used to ride my bicycle to, I of course, got a 32 ounce Coke on ice and had it finished before I got home.

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